Our Story

I try to do something different with these kids, because they need to see something different; they need to see something outside of the norm.

—Terri Shields, Executive Director of JADA House International

Born and raised in Hazelwood, Terri Shields has dedicated her life to creating a brighter future for the neighborhood. After a brief run in with the law as a teenager, Terri wanted to change her life for the better and make a difference in her community. However, her path to becoming a social worker was not easy. While in college, Terri also worked multiple jobs while raising three kids and eventually battling Lupus. However, she persisted. After completing her studies, Terri established JADA House International, a faith-based nonprofit that provides a space for people of all ages to discuss their social and spiritual challenges. Together, they eat, share, heal, and learn, as Terri fervently works to improve the wellbeing of her community.